By sending your Warmest Wishes, you’ll ensure people experiencing poverty have access to the winter necessities they need.

Personal Care Kit

Give the gift of daily essentials—including a toothbrush and toothpaste, a razor and lip balm, hand sanitizer and soap—to someone who needs them. A little holiday kindness can go a long way.

Warm Wear Package

This first line of winter protection includes a toque, a scarf, gloves, long underwear and socks. Of course, giving these necessities to someone in need will warm your own heart, too.

Winter Coat

Give a winter coat to someone who urgently needs it, bringing warmth and protection during the coldest months. Think of it as a big, warm hug for your community.

Winter Boots

A pair of quality, water-resistant boots will help someone stay warm and dry throughout the snowy season. Which is also comfort for anyone who gives them.

Meals for a Month

This essential gift will provide a person with five meals a week for one full month—helping to sustain them during the winter season. Giving this will surely nourish your soul.

Winter Outfitters Package

This all-in-one kit includes the full Warm Wear Package, plus a winter coat and winter boots. You’ll feel extra warm knowing that you’ve helped a person tackle the cold head on.